Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to Control Anger



Feeling of anger is one of the best emotions that a man has. How we wish not to feel it, in fact, we were trying to escape not to feel this kind of emotion, but being angry is undeniable. It is natural and reasonable. But we should know how to control it to avoid necessary conflicts, pain of heart and even war. When we are angry, the other virtue of man called patience must take place then. Base on my experiences, I gathered some tips on my mind how to control anger and I want to share it in this cyber world. .

Thinks positively

-Being a positive thinker helps develop the minds good disposition of a man. It also helps to boast our patience and humbleness. Being a negative thinker can't cope and can't understand the things that trigger him. He's mind bad disposition will bring him down and make him impatient and harass.

.Avoid the things that make you upset

-It said earlier that anger is undeniable. Yes, but if you know that situation, people and other things you’re going through made you turned off before, will you still continue or stick on it? The answer is no, don’t be a victim once again, get rid of it. .

Don’t decides speak when you're angry

-Sometimes we can do some actions that we're not expected to do, we were just carried away of our emotion, and regretting is all we can do when were back in calm. Try being alone when you're mad, take a deep breathe every now and then to comfort yourself until you'll be okay. Just try to open up or talk to others about your problem when you're already in a good mood and not in bad.

.Let it go

-Carrying the anger in your heart for a long time is called hatred. It is not good. Once you're angry,don't take it seriously,make it gone. Don't carry the pain in your heart. Remember that time heals the wounds. .

Pray in God

-Being a believer and follower of God,don't forget His name or Jesus though you're in anger. Speaking God on your mind will help you back to calmness. Ask for strength and protection to encounter the pain. Do'nt forget, God is the number one healer and comforter,and I believe, everyone deserves to be happy

The Black Shama of Alcoy


As you travel in the southeastern part of Cebu, there you can find the municipality of Alcoy. Having the biggest dolomite deposits in the world, in this municipality also you can find the specie of bird that believed to be an extinct on this time namely the Cebu Black Shama or called by the locals as "siloy". The birds can find in Mag-abo Forest in Nug-as, Alcoy, one of the remaining virgin forests in the province. They sing a melody that will surely make your stress gone. In order to endorse, the officials of the municipality created a festival for a cause to conserve the bird's decreasing population. The festival was held every year during the town fiesta at the third day of August in honor to St. Rose of Lima.