When Writing Is Turning Us Into Zombies

You dream to be a writer? Writing is not easy. Every author knows that. It can make us insane. This will happen especially when you use this talent as your career or you're just seeking bigger readership. Gone are the days that  writing are fun, playful and adventurous. This time, you will endure the reality, writing is stressful, tiresome and can turn us into semi-zombies. Here's why:You will battle for the cliches."I want  an original one!" That would readers and editors always gonna say. But the sad truth is nothing is already new. We live on the same Earth and sun. You will sponge your brain to new ideas. Everytime you come up something new, your mind will quickly argue it was already done before. The sad fact when your editor/reader says your story idea is cliche. What a heartache!You never know when your novel will be perfect.As you embraced professionalism , you make sure your final draft is flawless before submitting it publishers. Chances are, you never know…

My Not-so Masterpiece


Ferdinand Marcos' LNMB burial : Why It Doesn't Matter

I was not born on Ferdinand Marcos' regime. If his name mentioned, Martial Law and dictatorship is the obvious tag of course since the Philippine History class taught us how horrid his era was. But now in existence of social media, I learned the other side on Marcos government that was seemed hidden for so long by bias historians and media. Now, President-elect Rody Duterte wants the late president to bury at the Libingan ng mga Bayani cemetery and it created an big argument. Truth be told, while I acknowledge Marcos' achievements in his ruling, but I could not just set aside the abuse happened of Martial Law. I frankly say, burying him in hero's memorial place doesn't matter after all. Why do I say? Because I think, even if his body lies there, if the historical injustices remain, nothing will happen. I believe the Martial Law history that was taught in every Filipino student was only one sided and a person can't judge if he only collected one side of the issue…

Enchanter : Chapter 1

ONCE again, Mereah Academy has lost its integrity. The three students, Nabira, Yana and Anra were caught stealing the parchment of the academy headmaster's room before the day of qualifying examinination. It was happened in class faction of Alamid and the Alamidee's couldn't look straight to the fellow Mereans. So far, it was the biggest scandal exploded of school year just like the butt's atomic bomb. Being in the intellectual faction, it was a great disappointment, Alamidee's professor Aveel got smoking nose telling it to her students. Anamuri , the school headmistress, urgently marked Nabira and the rest cheaters with suspension, and the faction will lost the extravagant teaching tools and food supplies in next school break.

During the class hour's dismissal, Nabira's gang allied to avenge the girl who was the cause of their conviction, Salome, a thin and with big eyes girl. Someone would assume she couldn't kill a lice in her big curly hair because i…

What I Dislike in Pinoy Teleseryes

During my earlier age, I used to watch Filipino soap operas. My mind was not picky before. I can sit for almost four hours viewing it. But now, after my mind got more knowledge and exposure, I can say that I had been eating spoiled. I  studied Literature, it helped me to spot their cons. Presently, I prefer to watch the old Tom and Jerry show than these Pinoy teleseryes. I only watch any of them if I feel a new air but most can make me run faster than a leopard. I even used to plung off the TV while my mom was watching due to my despisement even if she could beat me a lumber right after, luckily she became calm as I apologized. But why I feel this? Well, I stopped watching because of the three factors ; the message, the story and the production.
 These teleseryes are still poisoning the MASA'S mind by the horrible message they tell to the people.
 Submission, Obssession And Martyr
 I really hate this teleserye stated that love is fucking being foolish to someone. Really, mag…

Some English Writing Rules You May Not Know

As I started drafting my fiction and blogging, I was bit curious for a while. What is a good English writing? I searched it online because being a novelist, I like to know what is considered a good English language that would meet the publishing standard. The answer, there are no exact rules but here are some guidelines in literary world wants and this may also apply in other languages.
.Prefer for the message and communication not the language.
 In order to achieve in literature do we need to write literally? The answer is no. Write like how you talk in your daily life with formality. Specificity is a virtue in writing. It's irritating to read a piece when you can't understand because it's full of impediments. Yes, it's easy to spot a manuscript focusing more with the language than its meat. There's nothing wrong if you will pay attention to your writing structure but if what you want to say is covered up by unnecessary words, then you will sink. Deliver your messa…

2nd Poem

I remember the first time you came You bumped me, apologized  and asked my name It was the day we started the flame. Our love was so strong  setting in a forever time frame. But now it come it's not already the same. How could you heartless  to play that painful game. To fully trust you was might be lame And how dare you for me to blame? But sorry to torture you  'coz I'm not that tame. It's about my dignity, not the stupid  pride and fame