Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ferdinand Marcos' LNMB burial : Why It Doesn't Matter


I was not born on Ferdinand Marcos' regime. If his name mentioned, Martial Law and dictatorship was the obvious tag of course since the History class taught us how horrid that era was. But now in existence of social media, I learned the other side on FM's government that was seemed hidden for so long by bias historians and media. Now, President-elect Rody Duterte wants the late president to bury at the Libingan ng mga Bayani cemetery and it created an epic argument online. Truth be told, while I acknowledge Marcos' achievements in his ruling, but I could not just set aside the abuse happened of Martial Law. I frankly say, burying him in hero's memorial place doesn't matter after all. Why did I say? Because I think, even if his body lies there but, if the historical injustices remain, nothing will happen. I believe the ML history that was taught in every Filipino student was only one sided and one can't judge if he only collected one side of the issue. So what can be? Of course, historic revision! Oh, wait the Liberals hate that word, right? Let me tell, revision does not equate to wrong action. We are now at information age. An absolute hero-villain telling type of history, is a total trash now. Write down the pros and cons about Ferdinand Marcos' leadership, include the pros and cons about on his opposition too, hence, it takes two to tango. Putting down the two sides can help us achieve the best lesson we can learn in history than victor's spoon feeding. If you ask me what I lesson I've learn from Martial Law's understanding, I answer, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IN OUR FREEDOM, THAT'S WHY SHITS HAPPEN and even now it can still applies.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Enchanter : Chapter 1

 The Class Alamid  of Mereah Academy lost its integrity. The three students, Nabira Vanoi, Yana Sula and Lorein Savedra, caught
stealing the answer sheets of Administrator's room before the day of third quarter's examination. All Alamidees couldn't looked straight to the fellow Mereans. So far it was the biggest scandal exploded of school year just like the butt's atomic bomb. Being the speed class, it would be a great disappointment, Alamidee's professor Mrs. Racun got smoking nose telling it to her students. Mrs. Anamuri Zepina, the school head,
marked Nabira and the rest cheaters with zero scores. During the school
hour's dismissal, Nabira's gang allied to avenge the girl who was the
cause of their conviction, Salome Sinagtala, a thin and with big eyes girl,
whom someone would assume she couldn't kill a lice in her big curly hair
because it was already a sin, but try to mess her, indeed, she would throw
a kiss instead, in check or near eye with color black. That was an
effective smack, there was a crunch. Yesterday, after school hours when almost nobody
was around, Salome saw Nabira, Yana and Lorein at the Administrator's office, the peer just exited and they took the Grade
Eight's Exam answer sheet. Nabira used a metal stick to swerve the office
door's lock. When she saw Salome was spying them, the bully treated to hang
Salome on the pole as flag's replacement. By morning, Mrs. Racun was mesmerized the perfect scores of Nabira, Yana and Lorein. A student named Jirhan Espera was also included. He sat at Lorein's back and has known a great copycat too. How could it be when they were poor students? Salome told Mrs. Racun silently about the cheating when she passed her test papers to the table.
She did it as a comeback of Nabira's bullying, either a good one or just another cavalry. There it went, Nabira confronted Salome about the shame she gained.
 The peer found her having a
snack on the canteen. Salome gave Nabira and her puppets a very sweet
smile but, Nabira threw the tray to her coat. Nabira attempted to pull her hair but
stopped after the  teacher, Yna Rua came. Salome grinned again.
 "You don't want to be sanctioned again, aren't you?" she whispered.
 "You're not lucky. Prepare for us, we'll ambush you," said Nabira.
 "Sooner or later?" she said.
 "Take my word!"
 "In south or north."
 "In east!" Nabira answered sarcastically. "We'll smash your head off."
 "By hammer, or wrecking ball?"
 "Shut up! I thought, you got a brain with substance, it's all liquid."
 "Water or juice?" Salome teased while wiping her coat with tissue.
 "Whatever, dumb," Nabira hit her shoulder.
 Nabira, Yana and Lorein walked away. Salome's eyes fell at Jirhan Espera who was eating in the right's second table before her. He gave a dismay glare and smirked. He stood. The boy looked ill, a skinner than her and had a shaggy, wavy hair. Bruises marked on his skin probably he got it by horse riding. They were neighbors and she knew him well, another conceited thug. This
is the school bully could make her replace Hulk's throne.
 "Stop acting like a hero, Shockwave Queen, you can't deny, you're a witch,
a monster that need to burn," Jirhan said.
 "It's not my fault that you're cheating!" she replied.
 Jirhan left. Salome couldn't help it to feel irritated. A witch, a monster, she
disgusted to hear that words. It was a usual depiction because of her grandfather's occupation. She has no friends at all because of it. Sorcery
and witches was hated in Sultanate of Maharlica. Salome was been
a loner. Aside of having no friend, she was also prone of mean students in
school. She may looked an ordinary and easy to go with but behind this,
people stay away from their family because of rumors have scattered, that
she belong on the clan of sorcerers, the Sinagtala have practiced it. Her
family never escaped from the neighborhood's superficiality. But for her, it was a slander. Damian, her grandfather, may be an abularyo; a  healer who practiced
traditional medicine such as use of herbals, but she was sure he was not a
dark magician. The witch-hood phobia had ran in the veins of Maharlicans. The clash of Enchanters and the called, Mortals or
non-enchanters decades ago could proved it. In Maharlica's history, the Mortals' suffering in the arms of Enchanters was unforgettable. The hatred planted throughout the years. Any suspected remaining witches were found stoned, worse, in ash and how she hoped her family was not on next hunt's list.
 Salome exhaled. She went at the school's back. Jirhan must not be the one to worry, rather. Nabira's words planted in her's mind like a leech in her brain. "We'll ambush you," said the re-flashing of her thunder voice. Salome
stayed longer at the school until all had left except for the guard. It didn't mean she never want to fight but Nabira is much bigger than her
plus her two bodyguards. She had been at guidance counselor's office, her good moral character record was tainted because of Nabira. Salome had pushed Nabira once into the gravel like a big bowling ball when she made fun of her once. Salome was just a fighting victim but
  interpretedto be liable. Mr. Joss Quirobin, the guidance councilor, suspended her for three days. It would never repeat, she swore. If only
Nabira was not a crying baby when unfavored, Salome had been tied her in a
tree on the middle of forest. Six in the evening, Salome had decided to rise up from the bench after Merea Academy was totally in silent. She went at the campus gate but the guard was gone anymore. The gate was already closed.  Salome returned at the back. For the second time, she had
stranded in her school and for the same reason, Nabira. She had no choice
left than to climb at the brick wall. Faculties were unaware that she
did this twice when she got ill while in class. Their school nurse was
over-interrogative, noisy, the reason why she hesitated to approach for
medication in the clinic. Salome took a stick and pushed the broken glasses
on brick's stop. Putting fragile on gate's top helped to retrain cutting students. Salome found a pipe and inclined it against the wall. The tube used as her riser. Salome screamed when about to dive on the glasses she had fell earlier. Luckily, she dump beside them. It could be impossible for Nabira, Yana and Lorein would
remained in that hours. They lived quite far. Salome started to hike the
street. The kalesas, their local termed for horse calash got lesser. The people in the street got lesser as well. Her wristwatch said it was already
quarter to seven, in rural areas, that time, the townsfolk was already at home. Her town called Crilun which was one and half miles southern from Maharlica's capital, Pandagua.
 In the road, Salome halted when a shadows came out behind the closed cloth waving factory.
 "So what's up now Salome?"
 Nabira, Yana and Lorein popped out. Yana and Lorein were related to two
of Merea's teachers, while Nabira's father was a major donor of the school. A thing why these three acting as stinky queens.
 "Oh, you girls take the threat seriously huh?" she asked while retreating.
 "Of course, you ruined my reputation," Yana preparing her fist.
 "Where you will go?"
 Lorein immediately braced Salome with her wrist. Yana also was now pulling
her hair. Nabira punched her stomach. Salome immediately hit Lorein by her elbow and
  impelled her by her foot. She freed on Lorein's arms and sped. She
bumped Yana until she got away from the bullies' circle.
 "Don't let her go!" shouted Nabira.
  An advantage that Salome was a fast runner compared to them. Clearly, the
three haven't accustomed in locomoting. She sprinted until Nabira's group was nowhere behind her. To think that she would be rain with bruises and
muscle pain in their cowing. Nabira made fun no other than her. It started when she defeated her at their Science Quiz Bee competition two years ago, the time when Nabira was still a competitive student but now, gadgets addiction and family issues were destroying her study.
Science was Salome best project and feel confident to be in consistent top
five in class. She took her walk slower.  Nabira, Lorein and Yana couldn't surpass her anymore. Now she would enter in Civarrene Highway. It was the commuters' most avoided road in the nighttime. The villagers outspoken its danger. It located on the near-end boundaries of Crilun and Pandagua. The road's zigzag curve and its narrowness made the drivers reluctant to pass bye. Hence, no side railings put on it. Countless of accidents had been  reported in tracing the intestinal path, in fact, it has no absent every week. It was named a "killer road". But aside from the delicacy, there was another reason of the
people's fear. Many have been testified the paranormal activities in the area.
One stone hauler stated, as he passed bye on Civarrene Highway, he saw a
blazing skull jumping on a starfruit tree. Never had justified if somebody just tricked him. But the next one was more horrifying, a young baker said, as he walked bye to his work at Pandagua, he saw a young girl lying on the road, since, the little innocent asked for help, he approached her but
upon he got close, a pail of blood showered to him. It came from the top of
Mango tree. He ran with a reddish shirt. Residents in the upper town have
seen dancing lights on Civarenne's woody place but the fact, no one had ever lived there and even no electrical post. Those were only three of the stories emerged in Crilun folktales.
 But all of those myths never cause a hinder on Salome to cross Civarenne
on that night. Panting, she lit the candle from her back pack.
After she had spent her time taking serious at Nabira's threat, she
embarked alone in the cement road to their home. Time changed past, she
would never wait any kalesa for she might stranded until dawn.

Very seldom vehicles traveled on hour of seven in a rural area like Crilun. She would never let her grandfather, Damian and her aunt Emily
be anxious. The sultunate police got a report missing people last days ago. The authority had no clear lead of the case yet. The strongest theory
was a human trafficking syndicate has emerged at their isolated island.
 Only Salome's white dress which topped with blue school coat uniform was fair in the gloom. The moon just painted the sky orange. It was silent except for the hawks which making the only noise. Salome was not born an alarmist ever since and the horror stories were mere inventions perhaps, except for the kidnappers.  Indeed, Damian stated, she was a risk taker, a rebellious one and it might bring her to hazard. She never persuaded in any mythical theory. For her, they were just part of delusion
or brilliance of thought and had no real basis. A lot about the fairies and
other mythical elements' news claimed circulating at Maharlica. The tales passed from generation to generation and it  depends if somebody would believed it or not.
 In fact many outlanders who got knowledge of Maharlica were reluctant to
tour in sultanate. Who's fearful would dare if it was dwelt by black magic casters and any myths. It was the main theme if any civilian would
talked about their town. The candle Salome brought was near to melt. The route would be much darker. She ambled faster. More steps must have to take before she could fully left the place. Suddenly, she stunned in the highway when a shadow of a woman
reflected on the distance. She would met somebody. Her skin's furs stood
up. From the rays of moonlight, a woman who wore a long black dress was
 "Isn't a black lady?!" she whispered to herself.
  Her heart's pulse beaten faster. She sweated cold as the stranger got
closer and closer to her. If it was, then that would be the best time for
her to justify the black lady's supernaturalness - an mischievous female ghost who
wore dark dresses and could possessed the living humans. Salome held her
breath. The woman came into her front and her heart almost drowned. The lady's face expressed fierce, her furious eyes glared at Salome. They
were aesthetic. Her hair measured down to her thigh bone. She had a maroon
lips. Her long fingernails was also noticeable. Salome estimated the woman was in the age of forty and found her suspicious one. The woman in black was unfamiliar and seemed like she was a newcomer in Maharlica.
 "What kind woman is this?" Salome muttered, again.
Salome discovered it was the not the so-called black lady but still it didn't removed the terror she felt. Maybe, she was carried by the
 She cleared her throat. "G- good evening, ma'am."
 Salome greeted the woman as a sign of politeness. It was a common did for
Maharlicans to present good wishes to the people even to the strangers one.
But, the woman didn't answered, she never mind her as if there was no one
around. It made Salome hunched her more.
 "Good evening ma'am!" Salome
greeted her again.
 How difficult this woman to please was, still, Salome did haven't receive
a retaliation to her overwhelming greeting. "Go-good evening..."
 She continued slowly. A reminder prompted on her head, it would be a bad luck if someone would gave third unanswered greetings to a stranger, Damian told her. According to him, if someone would not
respond to a greeting thrice during at night, there was a tendency the person was an occultist and already incantating through silent citation.
The victim would not affected eventually but it could cause him being vulnerable in any type of diseases and may lead to an early death.  But Salome just let the woman passed bye. She assumed that woman was just a snobbish one. An
amount of relief refreshed her intense soul. Before she escaped in Civarenne Highway, she would passed the most wildest place in the road where the
extraordinary events usually happened. Her candle was totally melt and she
dropped it in the ground. Those folks were murmuring in her left brain, it seemed she ought to believed them now. She made herself vigilant.
 Suddenly, she shrieked when a giant thing dropped in the front. A big foot stepped and was blocking her.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

What I Dislike in Pinoy Teleserye


During my earlier age, I used to watch Filipino soap operas. My mind was not picky before. I could sat almost four hours viewing it. But now, after my mind got more knowledge and exposure, I can say that I had been eating spoiled. I  studied Literature and it add me to spot their cons. Presently, I prefer to watch the old Tom and Jerry show than these Pinoy teleseryes. I only watch any of them if I feel a new air but most can make me run faster than a leopard. I even used to plung off the TV while my mom was watching due to my despisement even if she could beat me a lumber right after, luckily she became calm as I apologized. But why I feel this? Well, I stop watching because of the three factors., the message, the story and the production.
 These teleserye are still poisoning the MASA'S mind by the horrible message they tell to the people.
 Submission, Obssession And Martyr
 I really hate this teleserye stated that love is fucking being foolish to someone. Really, magpapatayan ang dalawang tao para sa isang love interest nila?  Magsasabunutan na parang mga batang nag-aagawan ng lollipop? How stupid it is? Okay naman ang estoryang love triangle pero huwag naman humahantong sa ganito. Kung magpatayan man, dapat mas may malalim pang rason!

. Pangalawa, pag-usapan natin tong adultery, itong thema na ito ay para kong gustong lumipad at sabugan ng dinamita ang electric power plant, pag nangaliwa ba't ipilit na ibalik ang mag-asawa? How can you say that cheating is wrong and marriage is sacred if magpakamartyr sa isang stupidong manlolokong partner is insisted and not imposing the consequences? Just take The No Other Woman, The Legal Wife, Nasaan ka ng Kailangan Kita, gusto nilang sabihin na uto-uto ang mga asawang naloko at sorry lang ang katapat? Oh pag di effective magpakaaksidente  para pagbigyan ng damn second chance? Why not let the two separate for God's sake.
 .Mayaman vs. Mahirap.
 Nakakainis talaga ang isang teleserye na ang conflict ay nag-eevolve pa rin ng social status. Until when socio-discrimination end? Poor or rich ang batayan kung matino kang tao?! Basta mayaman evil? Poor, angelic? Damn stereotype.
Let's talk about the PLOTLINE.
.Imbalance argument between the protagonist and antagonist the story curse.
 Yun bang puro sa kontrabida ang nakapabor at ang bida ay nangungulelat sa di alam na dahilan?  May kasabihan na ang nagbibigay buhay ng storya ay ang kontrabida. Mali. The story is about the protagonist's journey of reaching his motive, making descisions and how he solved the obstacles in his life. The concept of our story is how the characters got into trouble than how to get out of the trouble. Impediments, kasali na ang kontrabida. Stories is balance. Bale ang bida at kontrabida ay magtatalo sa kwento. Eh ang sa atin, halos namatay ang bida at nagwagi sa katapusan sa di maintindihang paraan, unrealistic.  They portray weak protagonist. The villain is wicked but I really dislike when the hero/heroime is penile during the confrontation.
 Walang plot talaga. Minsan series of events lang na walang focus, walang direction, walang central theme. As I said ang estorya ay parang isang probleman gustong masolusyunan/misyon/ goal, may isang adhikain ang protagonist na  pagtatalunan, pagdidiskusyunan. Ang bida ang pursuer, ang kontrabida contradictor, which is di niya kailangang maging evil, ang rule lang niya ay pigilan ang mga balakin ng bida sa anumang misyon nito sa estorya.
 . Iyakan
Sa isang story, di naman maiiwasan na may umiyak pero yung palagi na lang? Yung magkamatay ng iyak. It's so sad na pag magaling kang umiyak ay pwede ka ng maging artista sa ating Showbiz Industry. Remember, drama is not about showing ocean deep of tears.
. Stories and theme keep repeating.
 Maraming elemento sa paghulma ng kwento para maging refreshing, I don't want to use the term "original", kaming mga  writer ay aware na walang original na idea. Its just the writer of those serye are unexplorative.  It's seems family - romantic drama lang ang tanging alam na gagawin. How about in the field of expertise eg; medicine, engineering, astronomy, politics? Ang daming genre science, horror, fantasy? The problem is their production is focusing only in one set of audience, yung majority who loves family drama and romance, how about the other audience who refer different? Because well tingnan naman, tinatangkilik naman kahit substandard so how can we pressure to spread their wings high?
 .It's about the Stars not the Story.
 They collecting stars to hype their market, not the story or the character. Like Rappler said, people love to watch them because their stars are there. But in other countries, take look at, fans didn't watch Harry Potter because of Daniel Radcliff but the story itself, Luke Skywalker was became popular first than Mark Hamil, I known San Sai than Barbie Xu. Because they're far away? Not really. They just into the character that emphasized well and the story.
 .Falsy Hype or Bandwagon.
 When, something's hit, the network hype it's show hardly. Pheonamenal daw, taas ang rating. What a clear sign na pang -uto lang, sa sino lang ang madala, but this, when I took a roam to spot the houses in our town, it's very far from truth, most prefer to watch dubmash Hollywood movies in TV5, this is a bad sign of our entertainment industry, we swallow creativity and let our shows incompetent enough.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Some English Writing Rules You May Not Know


 As I started drafting my fiction and blogging, I was bit curious for a while. What is a good English writing? I searched it online because being a novelist, I like to know what is considered a good English language that would meet the publishing standard. The answer, there are no exact rules but here are some guidelines in literary world wants and this may also apply in other languages.
 .Prefer for the message and communication not the language.
 In order to achieve in literature do we need to write literally? The answer is no. Write like how you talk in your daily life with formality. Specificity is a virtue in writing. Nothing more irritating than reading a piece that you can't understand because it's full of impediments. Yes, it's easy to spot a manuscript that deals with the language too much than its meat. There's nothing wrong if you pay attention to your writing structure but it does if what it wants to say was covered up by the words. Deliver your message straight to the point, that's the key.
 Read this:
 The intentional, brutal, homicidal, unbelievable, ruthless, injustice killing which was happened yesterday by masked five gunmen that was witness by teenagers, employer and a security personal, founding the man lying on the floor..."
 Sounds scattered right? I'm guilty, I used to write like above before.
 .Avoid using adjectives and adverbs.
 This is the technique to deliver stronger and clearer.
Instead of
 "I picked the heavy bag."
Write this,
 "I picked the bag."
 Too much use of adjectives and adverbs may lead your statement too flowery. It's called purple prose and a bad kind of writing, the result of too much focus of the language as what I said earlier. Use strong verbs and nouns, instead. Use adverbs and adjective when it's the only way to convey.
 .Avoid repetition.
 Having a word written over and over again would distract the quality of your prose. Thus, the rule is avoid using the same words in a paragraph. Not the common, "the, is, a", repeating them is not a disruption. I mean those that special to construct your sentence.
 .Use simple words than fancy ones.
 As a writer, we have a duty to expand our vocabulary. Since as we mentioned about repetition hazard above, we must look for something in Dictionary and Thesaurus to put in our journal. That's not bad but if your reader needs to scan his dictionary again every seconds because he doesn't understand your work anymore, then, he may throw it to the trash can. Remember, in a hustle reader, there's a compromise writer.
 .Be a literary wizard than a grammar nazi.
 Being a terrific grammar nazi  doesn't mean your writing would be good and having an error doesn't mean it would be bad. As always said, the content is more valuable. As a writer, it's a requirement to have proper grammar knowledge but hey, we're just humans to commit mistakes. That's why there are erasers, white inks and Backspace keys. That's why there's editing/editor. That's why our manuscript would have a first draft until to millionth draft to spot and fix them.
 .Details is a virtue.
 One makes a manuscript standout is the description. Add concrete details than abstract.
 For example:
 A tall man
,,,better if,,,
A seven feet high man.
 or rather change the word "man", it can be his name or occupation perhaps to be more specific.
 "A seven feet high basketball player."
Don't write "bag", it could be "Chanel bag".

Those are just guidelines, not laws to be followed. They created to polish your writing skills up. But after all the writer's literary charm would be a factor to excel, his own way of execution. But it's not only matters, the story, the humor, the theme are big contributions too. As you see, there are your favorite writers uses too flowery prose. And you can see there's also a rule above I violated too making me sound funny hypocrite.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

2nd Poem


I remember the first time you came
You bumped me, apologized
 and asked my name
It was the day we started the flame.
Our love was so strong 
setting in a forever time frame.
But now it come it's not already the same.
How could you heartless
 to play that painful game.
To fully trust you was might be lame
And how dare you for me to blame?
But sorry to torture you
 'coz I'm not that tame.
It's about my dignity, not the stupid
 pride and fame

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Why I'm '80's '90's Early 2000 Music Fan


Each of one of us has different taste in music. For me, I prefer mostly the alternative or rock songs but I do listen to other genres as well. I do believe each music genres has unique style to entertain the audience's audio sense. But, I noticed we have a sudden change of modern music today and I could only count the millennium artists I streamed because of the song not the catchy music video instead. I'm 80's 90's early 2000 music fan and the following are my reasons:
. They are the songs I've heard since from my very early age.
Songs that created a memory from your childhood is mostly the songs or the kind of music that would attached to you even you'll grew up. Agree? Until now, I felt so very harmonious when I hear the songs which I listened for. I won't forget the boybands like Westlife, Backstreet Boys, A1, Micheal Learns, early Britney hits, Bon Jovi, Whitney and many more.
.Because earlier singers has better voices.
I can really feel the spectacularity and quality of singer's voices on the 80's-2000's. They are whole with good timbres. You can't question they didn't rehearse or took an intense voice lesson. Now, there are artists that because they can sing they assumed themselves already singers. I believe, singing is a man's ability but only few can be the professional. On these days, there are artists that still need to have some more workshops first because their voice haven't not that polish. In my dialect, "may pagkayabag pa o sintunado."
.The songs composed were well crafted.
As I listened, early music flow smoothly with the exact timing and clear instrument with no extra audio effects. Plus the instrumental accompaniment also meticulously carved well, my examples was Sweet Child of mine, Livin in a Prayer and I don't wanna Miss a Thing. Unlike now, as long as you can composed with scattered tempo, melody and rhythm you can go as long as long as it well sell. In my opinion, melody and harmony flows endlessly like water, if good masterpieces created, there's no reason it can't
today, time and passion just needed.
.There was no massive autotune.
I'm aware that recording may go through in audio editing programmers . I mean, at modern music scheme it's already abused. As I stated because early singers enhanced their vocals very well and technology was not that advance before. Now, often times, I hear like the ones who sang were cyborgs. P.S. I really disliked it when the vocals of a song is closed to a robot. The one I couldn't cope up what did the lyrics say.
.Because '80's to early '2000' musics were played by the real artists and musical instruments.
In connection to autotuning and its abuse on these days, it's sad that whenever a new artist came out, you can ask, "Can he really sing? Why, because I do believe one of disadvantages of technology advancement is it can cheat a man's ability. Not all singers now can actually sing live as long as they are marketable. I do like electro music but it became trashy sometimes due to extreme mixing especially if the DJ is not that good. My point is, the use of real instruments is way very much better.
Thees may be also the reasons why yesterday's song are eternal, you could still hear them at radios, plays, karaoke, revivals (which is bad.) But the bottomline is, after all, it's matter of our preferences.