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Enchanter : Chapter 1

ONCE again, Mereah Academy has lost its integrity. The three students, Nabira, Yana and Anra were caught stealing the parchment of the academy headmaster's room before the day of qualifying examinination. It was happened in class faction of Alamid and the Alamidee's couldn't look straight to the fellow Mereans. So far, it was the biggest scandal exploded of school year just like the butt's atomic bomb. Being in the intellectual faction, it was a great disappointment, Alamidee's professor Aveel got smoking nose telling it to her students. Anamuri , the school headmistress, urgently marked Nabira and the rest cheaters with suspension, and the faction will lost the extravagant teaching tools and food supplies in next school break.

During the class hour's dismissal, Nabira's gang allied to avenge the girl who was the cause of their conviction, Salome, a thin and with big eyes girl. Someone would assume she couldn't kill a lice in her big curly hair because i…