Monday, April 27, 2015

Some Ancient Filipino Lunar And Atmospheric Terms

In recent times, the Filipino ancestry had been studied about astronomy for the part of their living. Do you know what are the native tongue translation of some lunar terms are? Even other science branches will do, the following are the Visayan terms (since I’m a Cebuana) of wind directions and the phases of the moon. Some may have learned this.

New Moon= Himatayon

Crescent Moon= Subang

Half Moon = Mudtong Bulan

Gibbous Moon= Hawin

Full Moon= Daktol


North Eastern wind= Amihan

North Western wind= Kanaway

Western wind= Balugo

Eastern wind= Dumagsa

South eastern wind= Habagat Tigulang

Southern western wind= Habagat Batan-on

These are just few examples and I know there are lots more.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bansamoro Basic Law: What Does It Implies To The Philippine Nationhood.

  On last January 25, 2015, the whole country was bombarded by news of Philippine Police SAF and Moro Islamic Liberation Front's encounter which killed our forty-four south trooper. However, instead of sanctioning the liable armed groups, the scenario goes left. On April 7 2015, the court hearing of Bangsamoro Basic Law opened again, thus, rather than consoling the sympathizing constituents like me, it fired up my heart with anger, doubt to our leaders, I even laughed though because I think imposing it would be the sign of our foolishness. So if this Bangsamoro Basic Law, what this implies to us? Simple here it goes.
1.  The State's vulnerability.
    No doubt to this, I believe, as a country, we build a wall against to the intruders, and if this wall is built substandard, we were wrecking just a flip.
 2. That the Authority Is a Nanny.
    The authority failed to ease these criminals by law enforcement  the result they are making them brats thinking it would be the best. Hence, they must remind that the primary duty of a leader is to give security to their state.
 3.The International Community Remain to tag us the sick man of Asia.
     Because how could anyone willing to negotiate even if they who are in pretense; the use of aliases and hook us for peace instinctive  Why we are willing to let those militant groups rule when they haven't a leadership's will rather than commanding and training their groups in warfare. What are their platforms in governing their sub-state? What are their economic advocacy  What is their vision of Bangsamoro towards global competitiveness? I heard and read nothing so far; all those must need to prioritize than to whine and fired their guns for freedom with vague direction.
  And through these, we need to think crucial on this deciding the Bangsamoro Basic Law. We need to judge what is the right and best of all