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Ferdinand Marcos' LNMB burial : Why It Doesn't Matter

I was not born on Ferdinand Marcos' regime. If his name mentioned, Martial Law and dictatorship is the obvious tag of course since the Philippine History class taught us how horrid his era was. But now in existence of social media, I learned the other side on Marcos government that was seemed hidden for so long by bias historians and media. Now, President-elect Rody Duterte wants the late president to bury at the Libingan ng mga Bayani cemetery and it created an big argument. Truth be told, while I acknowledge Marcos' achievements in his ruling, but I could not just set aside the abuse happened of Martial Law. I frankly say, burying him in hero's memorial place doesn't matter after all. Why do I say? Because I think, even if his body lies there, if the historical injustices remain, nothing will happen. I believe the Martial Law history that was taught in every Filipino student was only one sided and a person can't judge if he only collected one side of the issue…