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What I Dislike in Pinoy Teleseryes

During my earlier age, I used to watch Filipino soap operas. My mind was not picky before. I can sit for almost four hours viewing it. But now, after my mind got more knowledge and exposure, I can say that I had been eating spoiled. I  studied Literature, it helped me to spot their cons. Presently, I prefer to watch the old Tom and Jerry show than these Pinoy teleseryes. I only watch any of them if I feel a new air but most can make me run faster than a leopard. I even used to plung off the TV while my mom was watching due to my despisement even if she could beat me a lumber right after, luckily she became calm as I apologized. But why I feel this? Well, I stopped watching because of the three factors ; the message, the story and the production.
 These teleseryes are still poisoning the MASA'S mind by the horrible message they tell to the people.
 Submission, Obssession And Martyr
 I really hate this teleserye stated that love is fucking being foolish to someone. Really, mag…

Some English Writing Rules You May Not Know

As I started drafting my fiction and blogging, I was bit curious for a while. What is a good English writing? I searched it online because being a novelist, I like to know what is considered a good English language that would meet the publishing standard. The answer, there are no exact rules but here are some guidelines in literary world wants and this may also apply in other languages.
.Prefer for the message and communication not the language.
 In order to achieve in literature do we need to write literally? The answer is no. Write like how you talk in your daily life with formality. Specificity is a virtue in writing. It's irritating to read a piece when you can't understand because it's full of impediments. Yes, it's easy to spot a manuscript focusing more with the language than its meat. There's nothing wrong if you will pay attention to your writing structure but if what you want to say is covered up by unnecessary words, then you will sink. Deliver your messa…

2nd Poem

I remember the first time you came You bumped me, apologized  and asked my name It was the day we started the flame. Our love was so strong  setting in a forever time frame. But now it come it's not already the same. How could you heartless  to play that painful game. To fully trust you was might be lame And how dare you for me to blame? But sorry to torture you  'coz I'm not that tame. It's about my dignity, not the stupid  pride and fame

Why I'm '80's '90's Early 2000 Music Fan

Each of one of us has different taste in music. For me, I prefer mostly the alternative or rock songs but I do listen to other genres as well. I do believe each music genres has unique style to entertain the audience's audio sense. But, I noticed we have a sudden change of modern music today and I could only count the millennium artists I streamed because of the song not the catchy music video instead. I'm 80's 90's early 2000 music fan and the following are my reasons: . They are the songs I've heard since from my very early age. Songs that created a memory from your childhood are mostly the songs that would attached to you even you'll grow up. Agree? Until now, I fell so very harmonious when I hear the songs which I listened during my ABC times. I won't forget the boybands like Westlife, Backstreet Boys, A1, Micheal Learns, early Britney hits, Bon Jovi, Whitney and many more. .Because earlier singers has better voices. I can really feel the spectacula…

Why Romance Dominates in Philippines

After work, I sit on my throne (my sofa) and turned on the TV, I noticed, there is only one Pinoy soap operas was all about. When I looked for Tagalog novels at a bookstore to read, I see nothing but only one genre that rules among all. Romance. As an aspiring writer, it's undeniable that the genre is the powerhouse of all. In fact, no matter how many people said it's cliche, still a lot of us watch or read lovestories. Of course, love is the greatest thing in this world, it's the source of joy, unity and peace aside of the "kilig" it gives to the audience. As the line in the song said, "you never live until you love." But, it's not the thing I wanna explain here but its overall dominance in Philippine cinematography and literature, as if we have forgotten the other genres. I observe, it's the only mainstream here. Prove to that, romance novels get more reads than anything else of Filipino readership in Wattpad. If you talk about foreign films a…

The Poem that I only just post he he

The Revolutionist

I want to see, but you put and jailed me at the dark. You made me blind by covering my eyes with black. Never contented, you stood behind and stabbed me at my back.
You're in the pedestal because of your greediness. I'm on the mud because of my foolishness. And now, I'm awake, still you pull me at nothingness.
I have the strength to cut you by my sword. I have a wisdom to destroy you by my word. In order to see a new beginning in this world.
And now we're here, run brothers! Run! Run, after the bullets of the gun. Run until we will see the rising sun.
But suddenly, I heard the sound of bang! A bullet fly and hit through my lung.

Our Fantasies

Onece I had a daydream. I always thought how my life suppose to be. They were mostly impossible to reach because of opportunity or time that had been flashed by the waves. Imagining them may let me help escape my flaws in life, but somehow, it led me more disappointed. The more I'm being a denial on my current situation, The more I became a loser. Then, I realized, it didn't help, it just continue dragging me down. Looking in the mirror, I challenged myself. I accepted for who I am. I used my weaknesses as reminders and strength as enhancers. After that, I feel the self-fulfillment when facing the reality and it improves my life.  After all, when you make up yourself higher, you can have a life that's better than fantasy.

Some Ancient Filipino Lunar And Atmospheric Terms


In recent times, the Filipino ancestry had been studied about astronomy for the part of their daily living. Do you know what are the native tongue translation of some lunar terms are? Even other science branches will do, the following are the Visayan terms (since I’m a Cebuana) of wind directions and the phases of the moon. Some may have learned this.

 PHASES OF THE MOON New Moon= Himatayon
Crescent Moon= Subang
Half Moon = Mudtong Bulan
Gibbous Moon= Hawin
Full Moon= Daktol
North Eastern wind= Amihan
North Western wind= Kanaway
Western wind= Balugo
Eastern wind= Dumagsa
South eastern wind= Habagat Tigulang
Southern western wind= Habagat Batan-on
These are just few examples and I know there are lots more.

Bansamoro Basic Law: What Does It Implies To The Philippine Nationhood.

  On last January 25, 2015, the whole country was bombarded by news of Philippine Police SAF and Moro Islamic Liberation Front's encounter which killed our forty-four south trooper. However, instead of sanctioning the liable armed groups, the scenario goes left. On April 7 2015, the court hearing of Bangsamoro Basic Law opened again, thus, rather than consoling the sympathizing constituents like me, it fired up my heart with anger, doubt to our leaders, I even laughed though because I think imposing it would be the sign of our foolishness. So if this Bangsamoro Basic Law, what this implies to us? Simple here it goes.
1.  The State's vulnerability.
    No doubt to this, I believe, as a country, we build a wall against to the intruders, and if this wall is built substandard, we were wrecking just a flip.
 2. That the Authority Is a Nanny.
    The authority failed to ease these criminals by law enforcement  the result they are making them brats thinking it would be the …

I'm Back

I have been silent for a while. Di na kasi ako nagbablog eh because my ginagawa pa akong novel kung bakit pa kasi di ito matapos-tapos na, hehe medyo mahaba kasi. But if I'll finish it, I will focus on blogging.