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Sunday, October 25, 2015

What I Dislike in Pinoy Teleseryes

During my earlier age, I used to watch Filipino soap operas. My mind was not picky before. I can sit for almost four hours viewing it. But now, after my mind got more knowledge and exposure, I can say that I had been eating spoiled. I studied Literature, it helped me to spot their cons. Presently, I prefer to watch the old Tom and Jerry show than these Pinoy teleseryes. I only watch any of them if I feel a new air but most can make me run faster than a leopard. I even used to plung off the TV while my mom was watching due to my despisement even if she could beat me a lumber right after, luckily she became calm as I apologized. But why I feel this? Well, I stopped watching because of the three factors ; the message, the story and the production.


 These teleseryes are still poisoning the MASA'S mind by the horrible message they tell to the people.


, Obssession And Martyr . I really hate this teleserye stated that love is fucking being foolish to someone. Really, magpapatayan ang dalawang tao para sa isang love interest nila? Magsasabunutan na parang mga batang nag-aagawan ng lollipop? How stupid it is? Okay naman ang estoryang love triangle pero huwag naman humahantong sa ganito. Kung magpatayan man, dapat mas may malalim pang rason!


Pangalawa, pag-usapan natin tong adultery, itong thema na ito ay para kong gustong lumipad at sabugan ng dinamita ang electric power plant, pag nangaliwa ba't ipilit na ibalik ang mag-asawa? How can you say that cheating is wrong and marriage is sacred if magpakamartyr sa isang stupidong manlolokong partner is insisted and not imposing the consequences? Just take The No Other Woman, The Legal Wife, Nasaan ka ng Kailangan Kita, gusto nilang sabihin na uto-uto ang mga asawang naloko at sorry lang ang katapat? Oh pag di effective magpakaaksidente para pagbigyan ng damn second chance? Why not let the two separate for God's sake.

 .Mayaman vs. Mahirap.

 Nakakainis talaga ang isang teleserye na ang conflict ay nag-eevolve pa rin ng social status. Until when socio-discrimination end? Poor or rich ang batayan kung matino kang tao?! Basta mayaman evil? Poor, angelic? Damn stereotype.

 .Imbalance argument between the protagonist and antagonist within the story curse. Yun bang puro sa kontrabida ang nakapabor at ang bida ay nangungulelat sa di alam na dahilan? May kasabihan na ang nagbibigay buhay ng storya ay ang kontrabida. Mali. The story is about the protagonist's journey of reaching his motive, making descisions and how he solved the obstacles in his life. The concept of Philippine teleserye is how the characters got into trouble than how to get out of the trouble. Impediments, kasali na ang kontrabida. Stories are balance. Bale ang bida at kontrabida ay magtatalo sa kwento. Eh ang sa atin, halos namatay ang bida at nagwagi sa katapusan sa di maintindihang paraan, unrealistic. They portray weak protagonist. The villain is wicked but I really dislike when the hero/heroime is penile during the confrontation.


 Walang plot talaga. Minsan series of events lang na walang focus, walang direction, walang central theme. As I said ang estorya ay parang isang probleman gustong masolusyunan/misyon/ goal, may isang adhikain ang protagonist na pagtatalunan, pagdidiskusyunan. Ang bida ang pursuer, ang kontrabida contradictor, which is di niya kailangang maging evil, ang rule lang niya ay pigilan ang mga balakin ng bida sa anumang misyon nito sa estorya.


  Sa isang story, di naman maiiwasan na may umiyak pero yung palagi na lang? Yung magkamatay ng iyak. It's so sad na pag magaling kang umiyak ay pwede ka ng maging artista sa ating Showbiz Industry. Remember, drama is not about showing ocean deep of tears.


Stories and theme keep repeating.

 Maraming elemento sa paghulma ng kwento para maging refreshing, I don't want to use the term "original", kaming mga writer ay aware na walang original na idea. It's just the writer of those teleseryes are unexplorative. It's seems family - romantic drama lang ang tanging alam na gagawin. How about in the field of expertise eg; medicine, engineering, astronomy, politics? Ang daming genre science, horror, fantasy? The problem, the production is focusing only in one set of audience, yung majority who loves family drama and romance, how about the other audience who refer different? Because well tingnan naman, tinatangkilik naman kahit substandard so how can we pressure to spread their wings high?

 It's about the Stars not the Story.

 They collecting stars to hype their market, not the story or the character. I observe, people love to watch them because their favorite stars are there. But in other countries, take a look, fans didn't watch Harry Potter because of Daniel Radcliff but the story itself, Luke Skywalker was became popular first than Mark Hamil, I known San Sai than Barbie Xu. Because they're far away? Not really. They just into the character that emphasized well and the story.

 .Falsy Hype or Bandwagon.

 When, something's hit, the media network hype it's show hardly. Pheonamenal daw, mataas ang rating. What a clear sign na pang -uto lang, sa sino lang ang madala, but mind this, when I took a roam, I spot the houses in our town, it's very far from truth, most prefer to watch Tagalized Hollywood movies in TV5, this is a bad sign of our entertainment industry, we swallow creativity and let our shows incompetent enough.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Some English Writing Rules You May Not Know

 As I started drafting my fiction and blogging, I was bit curious for a while. What is a good English writing? I searched it online because being a novelist, I like to know what is considered a good English language that would meet the publishing standard. The answer, there are no exact rules but here are some guidelines in literary world wants and this may also apply in other languages.

 .Prefer for the message and communication not the language.

 In order to achieve in literature do we need to write literally? The answer is no. Write like how you talk in your daily life with formality. Specificity is a virtue in writing. It's irritating to read a piece when you can't understand because it's full of impediments. Yes, it's easy to spot a manuscript focusing more with the language than its meat. There's nothing wrong if you will pay attention to your writing structure but if what you want to say is covered up by unnecessary words, then you will sink. Deliver your message straight to the point, that's the key.
 Read this:
 The intentional, brutal, homicidal, unbelievable, ruthless, injustice killing which was happened yesterday by masked five gunmen that was witness by teenagers, employer and a security personal, founding the man lying on the floor..."
 Sounds scattered right? I'm guilty, I used to write like that before.

 .Avoid using adjectives and adverbs.

 This is the technique to deliver stronger and clearer.
Instead of
 "I picked the heavy bag."
Write this,
 "I picked the bag."
 Too much use of adjectives and adverbs may lead your statement too flowery. It's called purple prose and a bad kind of writing, the result of too much focus of the language (as what I said earlier.) Use strong verbs and nouns instead. Use adverbs and adjective when it's the only way to convey the sentence.

 .Avoid repetition.
 Having a word written over and over again would distract the quality of your prose. Thus, the rule is avoid using the same words in a paragraph. Not the common, "the, is, a", repeating them is not a disruption. I mean those special words to construct your sentence.
 .Use simple words than fancy ones.
 As a writer, we have a duty to expand our vocabulary. Since as we mentioned about repetition hazard above, we must look for something in Dictionary and Thesaurus to put in. That's not bad, but if your reader needs to scan his dictionary again in every seconds because he doesn't understand your work anymore, the chance is he may your work to the trash can. Remember, in a hustle reader, there's a compromised writer.

 .Be a literary wizard than a grammar nazi.
 Being a terrific grammar nazi  doesn't mean your writing would be good and having an error doesn't mean it would be bad. As I always said, the content is more valuable. As a writer, it's a requirement to have proper grammar knowledge but hey, we're just humans to commit mistakes. That's why there are erasers, white inks and Backspace keys. That's why there's editing/editor. That's why our manuscript would have a first draft until to millionth draft to spot and fix them.

 .Details is a virtue.
 One what makes a manuscript standout is the description. Add concrete details than abstract.
 For example:
 A tall man
,,,better if,,,
A seven feet high man.
 or rather change the word "man", it can be his name or occupation perhaps to be more specific.
 "A seven feet high basketball player."
Don't write "bag", it could be "Chanel bag".

Those are just guidelines, not laws to be followed. They created to polish your writing skills up. But after all the writer's literary charm would be a factor to excel, his own way of execution. But it's not only matters, the story, the humor, the theme are big contributions too. As you see, there are your favorite writers uses too flowery prose. And you can see there's also a rule above I violated too, making me sound funny hypocrite.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

2nd Poem


I remember the first time you came
You bumped me, apologized
 and asked my name
It was the day we started the flame.
Our love was so strong
setting in a forever time frame.
But now it come it's not already the same.
How could you heartless
 to play that painful game.
To fully trust you was might be lame
And how dare you for me to blame?
But sorry to torture you
 'coz I'm not that tame.
It's about my dignity, not the stupid
 pride and fame

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Why I'm '80's '90's Early 2000 Music Fan

 Each of one of us has different taste in music. For me, I prefer mostly the alternative or rock songs but I do listen to other genres as well. I do believe each music genres has unique style to entertain the audience's audio sense. But, I noticed we have a sudden change of modern music today and I could only count the millennium artists I  streamed because of the song not the catchy music video instead. I'm 80's 90's early 2000 music fan and the following are my reasons:

 . They are the songs I've heard since from my very early age.

  Songs that created a memory from your childhood are mostly the songs that would attached to you even you'll grow up. Agree? Until now, I fell so very harmonious when I hear the songs which I listened during my ABC times. I won't forget the boybands  like Westlife, Backstreet Boys, A1, Micheal Learns, early Britney hits, Bon Jovi, Whitney and many more.

 .Because earlier singers has better voices.

 I can really feel the spectacularity and quality of singer's voices on the 80's-2000's. They are whole with good timbres. You can't question that they didn't rehearse or took an intense voice lesson. Now, there are artists assumed already themselves singers just because they can sing. I believe, singing is a man's ability but only the few can be the professional. On these days, there are artists that still need to have more workshops first because their voice are haven't that polished yet. In my dialect, "may pagkayabag pa o sintunado."

 .The songs composed were well crafted.

As I listened, early music flow smoothly with the exact timing and clear instrument with no extra audio effects. Plus the instrumental accompaniment also meticulously carved well, my examples was Sweet Child of mine, Livin in a Prayer and I don't wanna Miss a Thing. Unlike now, as long as you can composed with scattered tempo, melody and rhythm you can go as long as it will sell. In my opinion, melody and harmony flows endlessly like water, if good masterpieces created before, there's no reason it can't  be done today, time and passion just needed.

 .There was no massive autotune.

  I'm aware that recording may go through in audio editing programmers . I mean, at modern music scheme, it's already abused. As I stated because early singers enhanced their vocals very well and technology was not that advance before. Now, often times, I hear like the one who sang were cyborgs. P.S. I really disliked it when the vocals of a song is closed to a robot. The one I couldn't cope up what did the lyrics say.

 .Because '80's to early '2000' musics were played by the real artists and musical instruments.

 In connection to autotuning and its abuse on these days, it's sad that whenever a new artist came out, you can ask, "Can he really sing? Why, because I do believe one of disadvantages of technology advancement is,it can cheat a man's ability. Not all singers now can actually sing live as long as they are marketable. I do like electro music but it became trashy sometimes due to extreme mixing especially if the DJ is not that good. My point is, the use of real instruments is way very much better.

 These may be also the reasons why yesterday's song are eternal, you can still hear them at radios, plays, karaoke, revivals (which is bad.)  But the bottomline is, after all, it's our preferences.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why Romance Dominates in Philippines


After work, I sit on my throne (my sofa) and turned on the TV, I noticed, there is only one Pinoy soap operas was all about. When I looked for Tagalog novels at a bookstore to read, I see nothing but only one genre that rules among all. Romance. As an aspiring writer, it's undeniable that the genre is the powerhouse of all. In fact, no matter how many people said it's cliche, still a lot of us watch or read lovestories. Of course, love is the greatest thing in this world, it's the source of joy, unity and peace aside of the "kilig" it gives to the audience. As the line in the song said, "you never live until you love." But, it's not the thing I wanna explain here but its overall dominance in Philippine cinematography and literature, as if we have forgotten the other genres. I observe, it's the only mainstream here. Prove to that, romance novels get more reads than anything else of Filipino readership in Wattpad. If you talk about foreign films and fiction, they like romance as well but you can see many also consider fantasy, action, science fiction, horror, etc. It's not that I dislike romance, actually, it's one of my favorite, but like how menudo is my favorite dish, I will also lose my appetite if that's the only meal I eat everytime.

So how does romantica is the overall dominant in Philippine art? Upon asking this to myself, I came up some answers. I do believe, it's because of our conservative culture. We were preached sex is evil especially outside in marriage. Lust is a deadly sin, no one will question. In fact, married couples still get back-stabs rumors if they will display public affection. From that thinking, we see malice and intrigue in romantic relationship, we hint it could lead sexual affairs. We see it's bone chilling and evoking because of that perception. But, malice and intrigue makes the romance more interesting aside from the emotional satisfaction it could give. I think it's always the best to be an open-minded and to explore in different areas of life. Spread the good vibes, shower the love.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Poem

The Revolutionist

I want to see, but you put and jailed me at the dark.

 You made me blind by covering my eyes with black.

 Never contented, you stood behind and stabbed me at my back.

You're in the pedestal because of your greediness.

 I'm on the mud because of my foolishness.

 And now, I'm awake, still you pull me at nothingness.

I have the strength to cut you by my sword.

 I have a wisdom to destroy you by my word.

 In order to see a new beginning in this world.

And now we're here, run brothers! Run!

 Run, after the bullets of the gun.

 Run until we will see the rising sun.

But suddenly, I heard the sound of bang!

A bullet fly and hit through my lung.
So before I lost myself, I heard my brothers sang.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Our Fantasies


Once, I had a daydream. I always thought how my life suppose to be. They were mostly impossible to reach because of opportunity or time that had been flashed by the waves. Imagining them may let me help escape my flaws in life, but somehow, it led me more disappointed. The more I'm being a denial on my current situation, The more I became a loser. Then, I realized, it didn't help, it just continue dragging me down. Looking in the mirror, I challenged myself. I accepted for who I am. I used my weaknesses as reminders and strength as enhancers. After that, I feel the self-fulfillment when facing the reality and it improves my life.  After all, when you make up yourself higher, you can have a life that's better than fantasy.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Some Ancient Filipino Lunar And Atmospheric Terms

In recent times, the Filipino ancestry had been studied about astronomy for the part of their daily living. Do you know what are the native tongue translation of some lunar terms are? Even other science branches will do, the following are the Visayan terms (since I’m a Cebuana) of wind directions and the phases of the moon. Some may have learned this.

New Moon= Himatayon

Crescent Moon= Subang

Half Moon = Mudtong Bulan

Gibbous Moon= Hawin

Full Moon= Daktol


North Eastern wind= Amihan

North Western wind= Kanaway

Western wind= Balugo

Eastern wind= Dumagsa

South eastern wind= Habagat Tigulang

Southern western wind= Habagat Batan-on

These are just few examples and I know there are lots more.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bansamoro Basic Law: What Does It Implies To The Philippine Nationhood.

  On last January 25, 2015, the whole country was bombarded by news of Philippine Police SAF and Moro Islamic Liberation Front's encounter which killed our forty-four south trooper. However, instead of sanctioning the liable armed groups, the scenario goes left. On April 7 2015, the court hearing of Bangsamoro Basic Law opened again, thus, rather than consoling the sympathizing constituents like me, it fired up my heart with anger, doubt to our leaders, I even laughed though because I think imposing it would be the sign of our foolishness. So if this Bangsamoro Basic Law, what this implies to us? Simple here it goes.
1.  The State's vulnerability.
    No doubt to this, I believe, as a country, we build a wall against to the intruders, and if this wall is built substandard, we were wrecking just a flip.
 2. That the Authority Is a Nanny.
    The authority failed to ease these criminals by law enforcement  the result they are making them brats thinking it would be the best. Hence, they must remind that the primary duty of a leader is to give security to their state.
 3.The International Community Remain to tag us the sick man of Asia.
     Because how could anyone willing to negotiate even if they who are in pretense; the use of aliases and hook us for peace instinctive  Why we are willing to let those militant groups rule when they haven't a leadership's will rather than commanding and training their groups in warfare. What are their platforms in governing their sub-state? What are their economic advocacy  What is their vision of Bangsamoro towards global competitiveness? I heard and read nothing so far; all those must need to prioritize than to whine and fired their guns for freedom with vague direction.
  And through these, we need to think crucial on this deciding the Bangsamoro Basic Law. We need to judge what is the right and best of all

Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm Back

I have been silent for a while. Di na kasi ako nagbablog eh because my ginagawa pa akong novel kung bakit pa kasi di ito matapos-tapos na, hehe medyo mahaba kasi. But if I'll finish it, I will focus on blogging.

Tips On Creating A Heroine

A strong heroine is a charm of a book. A great and unique female character is very essential for a story to success. Who would  forget...