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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Black Shama of Alcoy


As you travel in the southeastern part of Cebu, you will reach the municipality of Alcoy. Having the biggest dolomite deposits in the Philippines, in this municipality also you can find the specie of bird that believed to be an extinct on this time namely the Cebu Black Shama or called by the locals as "siloy". The birds can be found in Mag-abo Forest in Nug-as, Alcoy, one of the remaining virgin forests in the province. They sing a melody that will surely make your stress gone. In order to endorse, the officials of  municipality created a festival for a cause to conserve the bird's decreasing population. The festival was held every year during the town fiesta at the third day of August in honor to St. Rose of Lima.It is called Siloy Festival.

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