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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Why I'm '80's '90's Early 2000 Music Fan

 Each of one of us has different taste in music. For me, I prefer mostly the alternative or rock songs but I do listen to other genres as well. I do believe each music genres has unique style to entertain the audience's audio sense. But, I noticed we have a sudden change of modern music today and I could only count the millennium artists I  streamed because of the song not the catchy music video instead. I'm 80's 90's early 2000 music fan and the following are my reasons:

 . They are the songs I've heard since from my very early age.

  Songs that created a memory from your childhood are mostly the songs that would attached to you even you'll grow up. Agree? Until now, I fell so very harmonious when I hear the songs which I listened during my ABC times. I won't forget the boybands  like Westlife, Backstreet Boys, A1, Micheal Learns, early Britney hits, Bon Jovi, Whitney and many more.

 .Because earlier singers has better voices.

 I can really feel the spectacularity and quality of singer's voices on the 80's-2000's. They are whole with good timbres. You can't question that they didn't rehearse or took an intense voice lesson. Now, there are artists assumed already themselves singers just because they can sing. I believe, singing is a man's ability but only the few can be the professional. On these days, there are artists that still need to have more workshops first because their voice are haven't that polished yet. In my dialect, "may pagkayabag pa o sintunado."

 .The songs composed were well crafted.

As I listened, early music flow smoothly with the exact timing and clear instrument with no extra audio effects. Plus the instrumental accompaniment also meticulously carved well, my examples was Sweet Child of mine, Livin in a Prayer and I don't wanna Miss a Thing. Unlike now, as long as you can composed with scattered tempo, melody and rhythm you can go as long as it will sell. In my opinion, melody and harmony flows endlessly like water, if good masterpieces created before, there's no reason it can't  be done today, time and passion just needed.

 .There was no massive autotune.

  I'm aware that recording may go through in audio editing programmers . I mean, at modern music scheme, it's already abused. As I stated because early singers enhanced their vocals very well and technology was not that advance before. Now, often times, I hear like the one who sang were cyborgs. P.S. I really disliked it when the vocals of a song is closed to a robot. The one I couldn't cope up what did the lyrics say.

 .Because '80's to early '2000' musics were played by the real artists and musical instruments.

 In connection to autotuning and its abuse on these days, it's sad that whenever a new artist came out, you can ask, "Can he really sing? Why, because I do believe one of disadvantages of technology advancement is,it can cheat a man's ability. Not all singers now can actually sing live as long as they are marketable. I do like electro music but it became trashy sometimes due to extreme mixing especially if the DJ is not that good. My point is, the use of real instruments is way very much better.

 These may be also the reasons why yesterday's song are eternal, you can still hear them at radios, plays, karaoke, revivals (which is bad.)  But the bottomline is, after all, it's our preferences.

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