Monday, September 21, 2015

The Poem that I only just post he he

The Revolutionist

I want to see, but you put and jailed me at the dark.
You made me blind by covering my eyes with black.
Never contented, you stood beside and stabbed me at my back.

You're in the pedestal because of your greediness.
I'm on the mud because of my foolishness.
And now, I'm awake, still you pull me at nothingness.

I have the strength to slice you by my sword.
I have a wisdom to destroy you by my word.
In order to see a new beginning in this world.

And now we're here, run brothers! Run!
Run, after the bullets of the gun.
Run until we will see the rising sun.

But suddenly, I heard the sound of bang!
A bullet fly and hit through my lung.
Before I got unconscious, I heard my brothers sang.

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